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View Article  Life Divine classes via Skype, by Debashish Banerji
Prof. Debashish Banerji is now teaching online classes on Sri Aurobindo's opus "The Life Divine." You can listen to recordings of these classes here on this page or in Debashish's JYOTI Journal on SCIY at:

Life Divine classes via Skype, by Debashish Banerji, Ph.D.

Highly recommended!


1) These online classes began on March 22, 2007. To hear the early classes, go here, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

2) Click on the more » link below each Hipcast.com icon to see the beginning and end of each LD quote being discussed, and a link to an online version of the text graciously provided by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
View Article  Supermind from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The objective and final stage of integral yoga is to actualise the Supermind within one's being ("Supramentalisation"), this would constitute a divinisation of matter itself or a realisation of its inherent primordial propensity, and usher in a completely new, 'divine' way of existing. (The Life Divine, Book II, ch. 26-28). This involves bringing down of the Supramental consciousness, and the resulting transformation of the entire being, and ultimately, the divinization of the material world.

Supramentalisation requires both a spiritual and a psychic transformation as their necessary prerequisites.

Sri Aurobindo considered that most yogas and religions were concerned with the process of ‘ascent' or the process of ascending beyond the body and beyond time into a formless and timeless absolute or transcendent self. He wrote that the ‘old systems' arrived at an ‘infinite empty Negation or an infinite equally vacant Affirmation'. [1] He introduced the imperative for and the process by which the supramental (or greater than mental) consciousness would ‘descend' or firmly establish itself in Earthly life...
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View Article  LD07_0719_Ch16_pg673-678
[Pages in paperback book edition of The Life Divine: ] - Text begins with: "These are the three fundamental ways of seeing, each with its mental attitude towards life ..." - Text ends with: "... there are powers beyond of which Nature in our race is capable, then not only does our hope upon earth, let alone what is beyond it, depend upon their development, but this becomes the one proper road of our evolution."

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View Article  LD07_0712_Ch16_pg670-674
[Pages in paperback book edition of The Life Divine: ] - Text begins with: "In the ordinary view of a sole terrestrial life or a restricted transient passage in the material universe ..." - Text ends with: "... since these things belong to the foundation and body of her structure."

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View Article  LD07_0705_Ch16_pg670-672
[Pages in paperback book edition of The Life Divine: ] - Text begins with: "The cosmic-terrestrial view which we may take next as the exact opposite of the supracosmic ..." - Text ends with: "... A perpetual persistence in the Becoming is usually associated with the acceptance of a greater supraterrestrial existence."

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View Article  LD07_0628_Ch16_pg667-670
Notes: [Pages in paperback book edition of The Life Divine: ] - Text begins with: - Text ends with:

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View Article  LD07_0621_Ch16_pg667-669

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View Article  LD07_0614_Ch16_pg665-667

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View Article  LD07_0607_Ch16_pg664-666

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View Article  LD07_0531_Ch16_pg662-665.mp3

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View Article  LD07_0524_Ch16_pg659-664

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View Article  LD07_0517_Ch16_pg657-660

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View Article  LD07_0510_Ch15_pg655-656

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View Article  LD07_0503_Ch15_pg653-656

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View Article  LD07_0426_Ch15_pg650-653

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